A look at the factors that influences an individuals identity

Or imagine that you are on a train, and a stranger in the compartment is reading the local newspaper from the town where you were born.

influence identity meaning

For example, I may go to football matches on Saturdays because I enjoy shouting loudly with a crowd of lively extroverts, but I go to watch Sheffield Wednesday because I want to identify with that particular team, to wear that scarf and make a statement about who I am, and, of course, because I want to state that I support one Sheffield team and not the other Sheffield United.

A passport picks out other key aspects of identity, which include occupation, nationality and age, all of which position us and give us a place in the society in which we live.

Types of identity

This is in contrast to the effective organisation and national lobbying carried out on their own behalf by, for example, people with disabilities many of whom suffer from poverty who have fought to change public representations of disability and to change social and individual expectations Beresford and Croft, Sampled non-Internet households, when recruited, are provided a netbook computer and free Internet services so they may participate as online panel members. However, they were significantly less likely to wear university clothing on the Mondays that followed a football loss. You might not be surprised to hear that men and women use different approaches to self-presentation. Significantly fewer adults would claim their state or their city have much impact on their personal identity. Sometimes the influences of these other factors may reinforce those of gender; at other times they may outweigh them, and this affords diversity. In other words, most children who were able to categorise gender on the basis of biological cues were not swayed in their judgements by the contradictory gender-cues presented through surface appearances. First, we need to think a bit more about what we mean by identity. Definition Poverty Poverty is more than a lack of money.

Think about some of the ways in which how you see yourself may be at variance with others' perception of you. Children learn that there are multiple gender identities, masculinities and femininities, rather than one masculine and one feminine type. Johnny No, you're not a girl, you can't be a mommy.

Difference is very clearly marked in relation to national identity. That is, there are some irreducible human needs, but poverty in a society is also defined relative to the goods, services and opportunities available to the non-poor. Does this suggest several different identities? This OpenLearn course provides a sample of Level 1 study in Sociology.

Factors that influence identity

Johnny No, you can't be a mommy. The person variable was self-monitoring, and each participant was classified as either high or low on self-monitoring on the basis of his or her responses to the self-monitoring scale. Once again, institutionally minded groups such as evangelicals, Elders and married people are more likely to do so, while unregistered voters, registered Independent voters and those with no faith are less likely. It is a socially recognised position, recognised by others, not just by me. But are there also less apparently physiological, more evidently social, necessities of life? What do you think of her argument? Their friendships?

Children can suffer particularly from limited access to a shared culture — something the mother quoted in section 3.

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What Most Influences the Self